Hello readers! My name is Mara Spiropoulos (hence where the nickname Sprop comes from) and I live with my beautiful crazy family in Milwaukee, WI. My husband and I have 3 children born within 3 years of each other, with my daughter Ellia (5 and 1/2), only son Lincoln (4 and 1/2) and newest arrival Adella (3 in May). My hubby and I are true partners in parenting, and I’m so thankful for that. We are a nature loving, organic food eating, simplicity oriented family! We get outside into nature every day if we can for we believe it is essential to our well-being so that we stay connected to the source that made us. We started on our path toward simplicity with the birth of our first child but were rejuvenated after reading some of Kim John Payne’s book, Simplicity Parenting. The more we gravitate toward the simpler things in life (e.g. less toys for our kids and more natural objects to play with, eating locally and organically, needing less medicine and more nourishment for our bodies), the more joyful and peaceful our lives become…that is the only reward we need to know we are on the right path for us! This blog has been in my mind for months now and I’m trying to make it come to fruition. While being far from perfect, this blog is about our honest path toward simplicity. I chose the word toward for we may never fully attain it – kind of like our path toward balance! I hope you enjoy our chronicles on our path toward simplicity.


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