Our path toward simplicity: the beginning

As my newborn snoozes happily snuggled in her bassinet and my crazy toddlers run around the house, chasing each other and laughing the morning away, I realize we really are on our way toward simplicity. What is a simpler pleasure than the delighted squeals of siblings playing together as they chase each other? I have wanted to start a blog for some time now and it dawned on me the other day that I should write about our journey toward simplicity. I say “toward” for a reason: we may never actually achieve it, but we are definitely on our way toward it! We may not yet have it all figured out, but if we did, what would we have to strive for?

What do I mean by simplicity? Well, let me attempt to explain what I mean by living a simple life. For me, simplicity means having fewer things but gaining more joy and peace. It is less feuding among siblings and more sharing. It means eating locally and seasonally, this one is a work in progress for me. Simplicity is getting out into nature daily to see what God has given us and to allow our souls and hearts to be constantly rejuvenated by his (or her) splendor. It is relying less on modern medicine to cure our ailments and instead being proactive by nourishing our bodies with good foods, holistic remedies, and starting our babies on a good path by having natural home births.  In a nutshell, simplicity for my family means having less “stuff”, but enjoying life more. It means returning to our roots, living life for its pleasure, and focusing on the love we have surrounding us rather than the material objects we are lacking.

Reflecting on our journey, I can see that we started on our path toward simplicity shortly before our first child, our daughter Ellia Wren, was born. We began by researching our birthing options. This led us to the Well-Rounded Maternity Center, one of only 2 birthing centers in Wisconsin, which then led us to our lovely midwife and now friend, Christy. We believe that there is no better beginning for a baby than to be born at home, surrounded only by people who truly love them and the birthing process, naturally and gently. To me, this is the beginning of simplicity. From there, our journey took many turns and will continue to do so. This blog is about just that, our journey, our ups and downs, our trials and errors. I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. mom
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 17:20:24

    Hi Mara, I knew you’d start that book-your words “flow” It can also be a journal for your children to read of their life.Congrats,love mom


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